“I offer David my unwavering support. He is a dedicated member of the Board who is deliberate in his approach, carefully weighing all sides of the issues as he makes decisions,” Former Alderman Scott Lennon, Former President of the Board of Alderman/City Council

“David is a focused, hard-working Alderman who strongly supports our schools. His willingness to collaborate on issues is a valued asset”, Diana Fisher-Gomberg, School Committee Member

“David has done a wonderful job on the Board of Alderman and has been a great partner on a number of issues important to our constituents. He is a thoughtful, independent-thinker and is well-respected by his colleagues”, City Councilor Greg Schwartz

Thank you to all who have supported me in the past. This list is a few years old and will be updated for the next election in 2021.

Elected Officials 
Cynthia Creem, State Senator
Ruth Balser, State Representative
Kay Khan, State Representative
Scott Lennon, Former President of the Board of Alderman/City Council
Cheryl Lappin, City Councilor
Lisle Baker, Ward Councilor
John Rice, Ward Councilor
Leonard Gentile, Councilor-at-Large
Deb Crossley, Councilor-at-Large
Marc Laredo, President of the City Council, Councilor-at-Large
Greg Schwartz, Councilor-at-Large
Rick Lipof, Councilor-at-Large
Susan Albright, Councilor-at-Large
Jim Cote, Councilor-at-Large
Allan Ciccone, Councilor-at-Large
Vicki Danberg, Councilor-at-Large
Matt Hills, Chairman, School Committee
Margie Ross-Decter, Former School Committee
Margaret Albright, School Committee Member
Steve Siegel, School Committee Member
Ellen Gibson, Former School Committee Member
Diana Fisher-Gomberg, School Committee Member
Angela Pitter-Wright, Former School Committee Member
Ruth Goldman, School Committee Chair

Community Leaders (partial list)
Former Alderman Mitch Fischman, Former Alderman John Stewart, Rob Gifford, Chris Steele, Ruth Dain, Dan Clifford, Jack Leader, Marcia Cooper, Martina Jackson, Holly Ryan, Joan McGrath, Susan Davidoff, Barbara John, Robert Finkel, Sherene Michlin, Bill & Cindy Fitzpatrick, Adam & Beth Kitzis, Mary-Beth Kazarosian, Barbara Gaffin, Doug Cahn, Paul & Marilyn Kalis, Julie Irish, Dean Whitney, Paul Crowley, Julia Jenkins, Adam Decter, David & Rowena Nguyen, Rena Getz, Jane Frantz, Paul & Amy Holt, Adam Steinberg, Sheryl Kalis, Rachel Cohen, Alan Kovacs, Julie Mandel, Jordan Rittenberg, Brooke & Paul Lipsett, Claire Sokoloff, Sallee Lipshutz, Jonathan Yeo, Maureen Meagher, Jerry Rothstein, Janet Sterman, Jon & Darci Klein, Liz & Steve Goldstein, Linda Green, Steven Buchbinder…