The Issues

Constituent Services
My highest priority on the City Council is serving you, my constituents. From helping residents navigate City Hall, to getting a sidewalk or curbing created, to listening to concerns about development, traffic, or infrastructure, I take this aspect of my responsibilities to heart, and am open to talking with constituents and taking action on their behalf.

“We had requested the unpaved berm in front of our house be paved for years. Nothing was ever done. Then we asked David to get involved, and although it took a year, he got it done,” Bill Fitzpatrick, Dedham Street

“For the average Newton resident, navigating City Hall can be quite confusing. David has been extremely helpful to our neighborhood group in understanding the paths available to us, and in representing our concerns to the various government entities.” Paul Crowley, Winchester St.

“When a developer began tearing down a house on our street, David was very responsive in listening to our concerns and pointing us in the right direction to get questions answered. He is a great resource for our community.” Julia Jenkins, Parker Ave

Smart Economic Growth
Finding a balance between new construction, sustainability, and maintaining the character of our villages, streets, and neighborhoods is of critical importance. Within Newton, the pressure to find this balance is challenging, especially considering the location, traffic patterns, and overall appeal of our City. I believe growth in transit-oriented sites are valuable to our community, but I continuously evaluate projects based on the following criteria:
– Is this project good for Newton?
– How will the project contribute to traffic congestion and parking?
– Will the project have sustainable/green elements and to what extent?
– How will local merchants and neighbors be impacted?
– Does the project support affordable housing?
– How does the project impact the walkability of the area?

Zoning Reform
With the first phase of zoning reform close to complete, and our ordinances outlined in an improved readable and digestable way, we can now get down to the business of discussing our 13 villages, evaluating their different zoning needs, and building ordinances that help support the types of neighborhoods and uses we want to see flourish. Zoning reform is an important process that will help us maintain the character of neighborhoods, promote business growth, and support affordable housing. As an eight year member of the Zoning and Planning Committee, the background I have on discussing issues from development moratoriums to the size and scale of mixed-use projects, will be invaluable as we move into the second phase of zoning reform.

Affordable Housing
Newton is a City of 85,000 people. It is home to those of all ages and all incomes. This diversity and breadth of knowledge, opinions, and perspectives is what makes our City so unique. I want to ensure we continue this great legacy of inclusion by ensuring we are planning to build housing for all ages and incomes.

Our roads, bridges, schools, and firehouses need continuous attention. I’ll continue to fight to ensure the infrastructure needs that are most critical receive the attention they deserve, and as I have been doing, will partner with the Public Works Department to make budget-dependent incremental improvements wherever possible. As initiated last term, but not completed, I’ll continue to work with the Administration on developing a strategic roadmap to infrastructure improvements focusing on long-term efforts (10-20 yr. plan) that is holistic in nature. To maximize efficiency, we should be addressing not only roads, but the complete environment, including roads, sewers, trees, and sidewalks simultaneously.

Newton Schools
As a product of the Newton Schools, Zervas, Brown, and Newton South, I know firsthand the value of the education I received. As a homeowner and parent, I also understand the importance of ensuring our school system remains top-notch. Continued investment in our schools, addressing capacity concerns, and improving our educational infrastructure is foundational to my beliefs. As I have over the past four years, I am committed to working with the Mayor and School Committee to provide the funding, facilities, and breadth of programming required to provide the very best for our children.