Dear Friends,

Thank you for re-electing me to serve as your City Councilor at large from Ward 8.

I’m excited about the opportunity to continue serving you and to making a difference in the City. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the responsibilities of the job, but can easily say that the most satisfying aspect of the role has been working with you, the residents of the City. Helping you navigate City Hall, optimizing traffic signals, getting a curb or pot hole repaired, or working with your neighborhood to better understand an issue – I’ve enjoyed this tremendously.

I am also proud of the strides we’ve made on the many of the broader issues: From investing in infrastructure (including roads, schools and firehouses) to zoning reform such as improving our inclusionary zoning ordinance, to maintaining our parks and open space including Webster Woods, to investing in education, much has been done.

The continued demands on our City require seasoned leaders who understand the issues and have a proven track record of working with the City staff, residents, and other board members in collaborative ways to get things done. I look forward to working for you as best I can, and have specific areas I’d like to impact.

  • Constituent Services: Helping residents navigate City Hall and answering questions
  • Smart Economic Growth: Balancing the need for development with maintaining the character of our villages, streets, and neighborhoods
  • Affordable Housing: Encouraging and supporting housing for all ages and incomes
  • Infrastructure: Improving strategic and long range planning
  • Zoning Reform: Simplifying our code and working with the community to establish zoning that promotes desirable uses and spaces while protecting our neighborhoods

As always, I am here to listen to your concerns, discuss ideas, and evaluate options. I am deeply thankful for your support over the past few years.